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Hello my name is Margie Shay. I have been a student and practitioner in Natural Wellness for many years. I started my venture as a young mother with four children dealing with day to day issues.

I found it difficult and unnecessary to haul the children to the local doctor for every scratch, sniffle, ache or pain, so I began exploring other remedies that were available. I found a new love and appreciation for using herbs and foods as ‘medicine’. The more I learned, the more my respect grew, and the more meaning of Hippocrates quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” became to me.

I soon learned that many of the solutions didn’t involve buying over the counter ‘medicines’, but involved using natural remedies which had been used for many years prior to modern pharmaceuticals becoming popular. I found that many of these ‘medicines’ only ‘masked’ the symptoms and did not really address the root cause or curing of the issue.

I often found that using natural remedies not only addressed the issue, but in many cases assisted our own bodies to better protect us in the future. I also leaned how important is it to build up and support the immune system verses over taxing it with toxic substances.

I have evolved over the years to incorporate a mind, body and spirit philosophy addressing the whole being. I have learned that when who we are and what we do are in alignment, life changes.

On this blog we will explore different areas of Wellness and what that means. Come along and enjoy learning about Natural Wellness with me.

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