10 day Transformation


As I prepare to begin my 10 day transformation this Friday, I have been giving a lot of thought about why am I doing this? It is clear to me I need to make some lifestyle changes. I have extensive education regarding nutrition, eat a fairly clean diet, yet still my body is telling me it needs a boost.

There are so many studies regarding inflammations toll on the body. In recent reports we now know inflammation is more dangerous than eating cholesterol containing foods like eggs etc. Inflammation has also been linked to many other disorders including depression.

So for me, this 10 days Transformation represents a 10 day vacation for my body to reset itself. To stimulate my immune system, balance my blood sugar, clear out the brain fog, and more. It is a tune up for my body and I welcome the change.

Yes, weight loss is a pleasing side effect of this 10 days, but for me improving my health is the side effect I am most excited about.  As a Health Coach, I believe it is important to have clarity about what you need. Then the process, the journey has so much more meaning.

When who you are and what you do come into alignment, miracles happen! Are you ready to begin your journey to better health? If so, lets do this together.



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