Once upon a time…

hummingbird“Without deviation, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa

Once upon a time there was a vibrant, happy woman making her way in the world. Enjoy life, assisting others in their wellness. Everyday she found ways to improve herself – to be a light in others people’s lives. She studied and learned many modalities, ways to assist people in feeling better, having a better life. It was such a joy to wake up in the morning and think about who she would have the privilege of being a part of their healing that day. To bring relief from their pain, to assist in moving into a healthier lifestyle.

But one day, life began to dance in a way that brought her down, drained her energy, and she started to lose her focus.

Because of that, she moved into a fog, a darker place in life. Continuously attempting to climb out of it. Seeking direction and what was hers to do next. Her purpose in life.

Because of that she studied and meditated, prayed and healing began in her inner self. She allowed the hurts and scars from many years and many relationships to heal. When began releasing the hurts, anger and betrayals, allowing God’s healing love into her Spirit, her Soul, she started becoming whole again in a new, more beautiful way.

Finally she was ready to dance to new music, to make a new song.

Ever since then the path is becoming fun, inviting, rejuvenating and now, NOW, she is ready and willing to release the resistance that has held her back. Now, she is ready to be a blessing to many and share the healing journey so others can also shift into a Healthy Lifestyle, embrace their transformation and live a beautiful life, confident, loved and whole….

Are you ready?

(Entry from Meditative Practice “Follow your Desire Lines” Life is a Verb.)

I hope you enjoy my writing.  I am here to assist you when you are ready for your Transformation.

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