IMG_2321Hello My Friends.

Today is day 5 of my 10 day lifestyle transformation. I would like to share a little about how it is going. It is going really well. I am enjoying my progress. Today my insulin resistance is much lower, I can see and feel the puffiness in my face and body releasing. My sinuses have opened up and the allergies have subsided which is wonderful since it is spring here in CA and many things are blooming.

Easing into this transition has been easier than I expected. I am not hungry, tired or ache. As my body releases toxins my energy is so much better! My depression has subsided. I know the inflammation has decreased substantially as my pain levels have decreased greatly. As a nice side effect my clothes are getting much looser!

I am LOVING this! I look forward to the transition from the 10 days into my new Nutrition Lifestyle. It feels so good to get back to eating healthier foods and enjoying life.

It doesn’t matter how much education, knowledge and skills a person has regarding Nutrition and Wellness, it is easy to lose focus and not take the best care of yourself. One thing I know, it is easier to have great success when you feel supported. Purium offers awesome community support and education for a healthy transformation. I offer Health Coaching to assist you in getting started on your path to wellness.

I have some $50 gift cards with your name on it if you are ready to dance!



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