1st 10 dayHello Friends,

For me, it wasn’t enough to just lose weight, I needed something that was going to restore optimal health, something I could implement long term, something I could maintain and feel good about.  I started this process in January. Between January and March I lost 12 pounds, I felt really good about losing the pounds but I was still struggling with depression, the aches and pains in my body, and maintaining the weight loss. I was still having cravings and wanted to snack and eat things I know are not good for me. I knew there was a better way. I also know from working with people and their health issues for years, it is easier to have great success when you have a support system.

When my friend, Gloria Coppola shared with me about the Purium 10 day lifestyle transformation I decided to give it a try. What happened?  The cravings stopped, the depression started easing up, and my pain levels lessened. It was a 10 day vacation for my body that gave me time to really evaluate what I was doing, where I want to go and how I want my body to feel.

Now, 3 days after the 10 day transformation I am down another 8 pounds, 20 pounds for the year, but more than the weight loss, is how I feel. I am not struggling with the symptoms of depression, my pain levels are way down, my body feels amazing and I am not sitting around craving things that I know are not healthy for my body. I have in place healthier alternatives and I feel amazing.

I know this was a great decision for me, and it all started with a $50 gift certificate from my friend. I have some $50 gift cards to help you get started too.

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